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This page will contain links to information about the members of our extended family.

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  • "Istoki" or "Beginnings" by Israel Roshal - this book, written in 1998 in New York, describes 6 generations of the Roshal family.

Marina + Matvey

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  • days after the first ICQ conversation

The timeline


Here's an e-mail I received in 1995:

Date: Fri, 06 Jan 1995
From: ...
Subject: Hi

My name is Mark Palchuk and it explains this E-mail.
I came into USA 5 years ago.
My father Boris (Ruvim) Palchuk (died in 1982) had a nephew in Pinsk.
I think maybe there is a link.

This message was as unexpected as it was miraculous - the Palchuks reunited after being separated by the ocean and out of touch for decades.


The genogram of the Roshal family used here (without permission for now) comes from Israel Roshal's book "Istoki" or "Beginnings." The book chronicles the history of 6 generations of the Roshals.

by Israel Roshal

Family of Aron Roshal, circa 1920s:



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